We Make the Road...

'We Make the Road by Walking'

In the Gospel of John, chapter 10, Jesus teaches his disciples about following him.
As they listen to him, he talks to them about 'abundant life'...

Over the course of the year, from the end of August 2016, through to August 2017,
we'll be exploring what it means to live - to be alive - as we follow in the way of Christ.
To help us become more firmly rooted in the stories of our faith, as we travel together 
as God's community, we'll be using Brian McLaren's book: 
'We Make the Road by Walking' as a framework.

McLaren states: 
'The title suggests that faith was never intended to be a
 destination, a status, a holding tank, or a warehouse.  
Instead, it was meant to be a road, a path, 
a way out of the old and destructive patterns 
into new and creative ones. 
As a road or way, it is always being extended into the future. 
If a spiritual community only points back to where it has been 
or if it digs in its heels where it is now, 
it is a dead end or a car park, not a way. 
To be a living tradition, a living way, 
it must forever open itself forward 
and forever remain unfinished - 
even as it forever cherishes and learns from a growing treasury of its past.'

Following the structure of 'We Make the Road by Walking,' 
the year will be divided into quarters, as we walk our way from Genesis to Revelation.

Here's how the quarters flow:
1/ Alive in the story of creation -
Like any good journey, we start at the very beginning:
from the beginning of all things, in the stories of Creation,
to the beginnings of God's relationship with human beings -
and the beginnings of human relationships with God, and one another.
Our first quarter, then, takes us through the Old Testament, as we walk
alongside our spiritual ancestors, and remember our place within God's Creation.

2/ Alive in the adventure of Jesus -
More beginnings: from Messiah to ministry.
Our second quarter moves from the story of creation, to the story of the Messiah. 
We hear whispers of the promise of a longed-for Saviour and then the cries 
of the new-born Prince of Peace as we walk the road along the seasons 
of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. Thereafter, we travel with Jesus as he calls
the disciples, and begins his public ministry...  

3/ Alive in a global uprising -
The road begins to wind its way to Jerusalem. We listen to the stories of Jesus,
and journey with him, and the disciples.  As we travel along the road 
to Lent, and through the events of Holy Week, we discover again, the new beginning
that is resurrection and Easter.

4/ Alive in the Spirit of God -
Our final quarter takes us into the beginnings of the church.
What did being alive in Christ mean for the earliest Christians? 
And what does it mean to us, who have followed in their footsteps?

I look forward to making the road by walking with you all over this coming year...!!

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